Welcome to the 1066 Rifle & Pistol Club

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The Club Range is situated in Rock Lane; a quiet country lane on the north-east edge of Hastings and Ore. The Club owns its own freehold premises and enjoys a wide road frontage, which leads to a large car park. The newly constructed 25 yard indoor range sits within a valley and is hidden from the car park and road. There is also an adjacent outdoor air rifle range. The object of the club is to provide facilities for and to promote and encourage participation and skill in the handling and recreational use of firearms and to promote the study and use of heritage firearms such as Lee Enfield and Mauser Rifles ect

The current membership of the Club stands in excess of 450 members, but we would like to welcome new members, who we can easily accommodate in our spacious facilities. We have a thriving full-bore membership; air-rifle section and Juniors. All sections would welcome new members. There are various subscription concessions.Please refer to the Subscriptions and Fees section.



1066 Management Committee