1066 shooting competitions run continuously throughout the year with closing date – Xmas Eve. These are all shot at the club indoor range and are free to enter.

Any “CentreFire Bolt Action Service Rifle” with iron sights – to be shot using a rectangular diagram target (supplied on request).

Submit your best 10 targets each with ten shots = for a possible score X 100 (ie one point for a hit, nothing for a miss).

Any “RimFire” Rifle, with any type of sights – to be shot on the club’s standard 10 bull target.
Submit your best 10 targets each with one shot per diagram = scoring – normal inwards gauging, for a possible score X 1000.

“Best 10 X 5 Shot Groups” using any .22 Rimfire Rifle, any sights = bench rested (fore-end only). However the stock can be raised on a sandbag provided the buttplate is in the shoulder. This competition is shot using any of the club’s target cards – shooting on the white or in the black (It’s not where they hit – it’s how small the group).

“The Highest Possible Score”. Any .22 Rimfire any sights. Using the club’s standard 10 bull target = one shot per bull (i.e. ten shots) for a maximum score of 100 X 100 plus taking out the centre white 1mm “X Ring”. The NSRA/NRA Silver Spoon Award is only issued for a score of 100 plus 10Xs. (unfortunately the shooting cannot be done off a benchrest).

For further information of any of the above club competitions, please contact Roger Hardy at the clubroom on any Thursday evening. (01424 465506).

The “Junior Trophy”. Any .22 Rimfire Rifle. For details of this special competition and the trophy award, please contact Chris Barber, the Range Officer on Friday nights. (01424 465506).

A Single Shot Rifle Competition is held annually at Bisley. (See club notice board for details and contact Roger Hardy)

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