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British Army Service Rifle L1A1 in 7.62 nato made at Enfield in 1960 , great condition

Call paul on 07749134810         £3,000,00

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Enfield L1A1 7.62 NATO

Enfield L1A1 7.62 NATO


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12.7 x 99 / 50 Caliber Ammunition Box, NATO Military Spec. In used, but excellent condition with minor marks and scuffs from general handling. Condition and colour may vary slightly from that shown in the picture. 

£10 Each

Telephone Bob on       07885 630 654

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Lee Enfield (MLE) Long Lee Mkl*
Full spec, 303, volley sights, magazine cut off, this rifle was imported from South Africa and has seen service in The Second Bore war. A now very rare Enfield in fantastic 100% original condition



Contact Paul Panagi on 07749 134 810

Lee Metford II 1893
Excellent bore with unblemished walnut woodwork made by BSA & Co. Enfield rifled barrel which is almost new “NITRO” proofed will take the new introduced Mark VII .303 ammo, long distance volley sights, mag cut off, and magazine linked to trigger guard. . A very rare Lee Metford /Enfield.



Contact Paul Panagi on 07749 134 810

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