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Chris Barber  runs the full-bore section. He will negotiate dates and place those dates on this page and at the club.  He has set up a group email and you can contact him here or by telephone. Please see under Members’ Section.

Procedure at Hythe or Lydd

You will be required to produce your membership card at the gate as proof that you are a member of our club.  You may also be asked to produce your FAC ( a photocopy will not be accepted, but they will accept the fact that it is with the police as a reason for non production), if you are arriving with firearms, and possibly your competency card. At Lydd you will have your photograph taken if you have not attended  a shoot there this year. Thereafter you will be given a pass card  for the car and a photo card for any passenger, both of which are handed in at the gate when you leave. They will be reissued on your next visit. So far there is no similar procedure at Hythe.

All members attending must read the club’s safety brief and sign on to the electronic attendance register. If in doubt speak to the RCO.

Any non member (visitor) who wishes to attend must contact Chris Barber, at least five days in advance of their attendance.

All RCOs of the Club MUST ensure that if they attend they bring their RCO badge with them irrespective of whether they will be signing for the appropriate range or not.                                      

The current range fee is £15.00 and £10 for junior member

Full-bore dates 2018  

    1. Serial 47 Lydd  (100m) Wednesday 07/02/18 -09.00-16.30
    2. Serial 2 Hythe (300m) Saturday 10/02/18 -09.00-16.30
    3. Serial 68 Lydd (100m) Wednesday 14/03/18 09.00-16.30
    4. Serial 10 Hythe (300-600M) Saturday 24/03/18 09.00-16.30

Please note:

These dates are subject to confirmation and any alteration or cancellation will be posted on this page and sent by email if you are on the mailing list. It is advisable to check on this page the day before any shoot to see if there has been any alteration or cancellation.  Any probationer or provisional member wishing to attend, should contact Chris Barber well in advance.  Anybody attending must ensure that they have the required documentation with them, as referred to above.

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