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If you are already a Firearm Certificate holder and/or a full member of another Club and wish to join us, you may be excused all or part of the probationary period, this is at the discretion of the club in all cases. Please contact the club on 01424 465506 and leave a message, including a contact number, for the Secretary.

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Please call the Club on 01424 465506 and leave a message for the Secretary, giving your name, address, date of birth and telephone number. The Secretary will contact you in due course and after having checked your details, you may then be invited to one the Club’s shooting sessions to have a look at our facilities; you will not be allowed to shoot at this stage. If you are interested in joining us you will be booked onto one of our Club Safety Courses which are held at least once a month on a Saturday morning commencing at 09.45am, these courses will teach you the basics of safe handling and use of firearms. The courses cost £30 per person.

Once you have completed and passed the safety course you will be required then pay for membership for the remainder of the year after the Safety course.

Remember to bring money for the safety course and money for membership for the remainder of the year to the safety course, then you will be then have your photo taken in house by our membership secretary and then issued with a provisional membership card with you photo on it.  Payment is either by cash or cheque’s can be taken, sorry we cannot take any card payments at this time.

You can attend any of our shooting sessions as a provisional member but you may be supervised on a one to one basis until you gain a little more experience.

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On completion of the safety course and paid up the membership you will be a Provisional member, as such you are entitled to attend any of the clubs shooting nights. , you will be asked to pay the daily range fee of £5 (£2.50 for juniors) and purchase ammunition which you may use in the club guns (.22 ammunition currently costs £4.00 per 50), any unused ammunition must be left at the club premises for use during your next visit. You must not under any circumstance take ammunition off the club premises if you do not have a valid Firearms Certificate which authorizes you to have it in your possession.

.The current membership fee is £110 per annum with an additional £10 admin fee for your first years membership, there are reductions in the membership fee depending on which month of the year you join and concessions for Juniors, Family members and Seniors. The annual membership fee is reviewed at the end of each year at the club AGM.

Once you have paid your membership you are considered a Probationary member and your period of probation initially last for 3 month (Home office requirement), during this time you will be given all the help and training you will need to enable you to become familiar and competent in the safe use of various firearms, understand how they function and be able to deal safely with stoppages and misfires. We expect probationary members to show that they are keen and committed to the club and shooting in general by attending the club regularly and as often as they can so that at the end of your probationary period the club committee can consider your eligibility for continued full membership.

If you are approved for full membership we will advise and guide you through the process of your first Firearms Certificate application.

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We welcome young shooters to the club, as with all sports they are the future and we encourage their participation, we do however have to operate within the law and in accordance with our own club rules which are drafted to ensure that all members, particularly those who may be more vulnerable, are given a safe and secure environment in which to participate.

We class all those under the age of 18 as Juniors and while there is no lower age limit, we treat all applications for junior membership fairly, impartially and on an individual basis.

The subject of young people and their access to firearms can be a sensitive issue and as a club we try to take a responsible common sense attitude while fulfilling our obligations legally. Please contact the Membership Secretary for information on your Junior membership.

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