1066 Gun Club Welfare Officer

The club now has an appointed Welfare Officer that is on hand 7 days a week to help you or your families who require guidance or friendly advise on any of the following concerns.

  1. Wellbeing, pre and post operative, long or short term medical conditions
  2. Welfare visits (to injured or recovering home bound club members)
  3. Confidential support
  4. Liaison to families after the passing of a fellow club member, should the family require any assistance or advise on live fire arms disposal
  5. Stress/Depression

All matters will be dealt with the strictest code of confidentiality in a relaxed and friendly environment, ether one to one or you are very welcome to invite a chaperone.

Point of contact

Stuart Bray (available 7 days a week 0900hrs-1700hrs)
Home Contact No: 01323 488148
Mobile Contact No: 07979906420
Email: stuartbray.bsa@btinternet.com